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Molly Jean Bennett is a former Dilettante Army poetry editor and a writer and multimedia producer based in Portland. She is a regular contributor to Paste Magazine's food section, and her essays, poems, and strongly worded letters have appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Word Riot, VICE, and elsewhere. Standing upright on a flat surface, she is 5'4", which is the average height of the U.S. American female, as well as the median height of the Southern Cassowary, a charming flightless bird.

Monthly Ekphrastic: Pablo Gonzalez’s Dog and Squirrel Mural

The painter requests that you imagine / this other reality busting through

Monthly Ekphrastic: Photograph from Robert Frank’s London/Wales

“Here is a question we all must ask: /
if we found ourselves below /
a London underpass on some sunlit /
morning or bright late afternoon /
in the decade after the war”

Monthly Ekphrastic: Jitish Kallat’s Annexation

I’m trying to glide / through the halls of the museum / like a low-budge pixelated ghost.

Monthly Ekphrastic: Albert Bierstadt’s Mount Hood

Were it a religion or at least a lifestyle

I would like to be baptized into Luminism.

Monthly Ekphrastic: Nora Jane Slade’s What

She’s Not Hiding She’s Biting

The Monthly Ekphrastic: Lucy Sparrow’s 8 ‘till late

The Felt Bodega is Closed for Restocking

Monthly Ekphrastic: The Peaceable Kingdom

The Peaceable Kingdom is Yours / Nonetheless

The Monthly Ekphrastic: Portrait of the Artist & a Vacuum

Poems in response to Kerry James Marshall’s Portrait of the Artist & a Vacuum

Bullets, Syphilis Cosmetics, and Archaeologist Cat Fights: Notes From My Saturday Afternoon

Coming face to face with the world historical forces of trade, technology, colonialism, and bureaucracy.

Dick Pics for Sacred Healing: A Meditation on the Provenance of Objects

An investigation into the functionality and symbolism of a mysterious gold penis

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