Dilettante Army is an online journal for critique, feminism, visual culture, and writing that expands boundaries. Our contributors are writers and artists who work between disciplines, performing detailed critical analysis on both historical and contemporary topics. As of 2018, Dilettante Army publishes illustrated themed issues, quasi-quarterly.

In the 18th century, a dilettante (from the Italian verb diletare: “to delight”) was a virtuoso artist and a lover of culture. Since then, it’s become a derogatory term for people who aren’t dedicated or serious. On the contrary, we conceive of dilettantes as interdisciplinary thinkers who work and play between genres with a sense of curiosity, exploration, and wit. While play may seem frivolous, experience has taught us that you don’t always have to choose between levity and gravity. 

Dilettante Army is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas.

Dilettante Army is edited by Sara Clugage, Christine Elliott, and Rebecca Ariel Porte. You can contact us! If you would like to pitch us, please read the submissions guidelines first.

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