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Sara Clugage’s art practice focuses on economic and political issues in craft and food. She is Editor-in-Chief of Dilettante Army, an online magazine for visual culture and critical theory. She has most recently been core faculty for the MA in Critical Craft Studies program at Warren Wilson College and her most recent publication is the 2021 monograph from the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, titled New Recipes: Cooking, Craft, and Performance. Sara is currently at work on a book project about Jell-O, animacy, and abstraction.

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Hiatus: A letter from the editors

Due to Covid-19, Dilettante Army is on hiatus until Fall 2020.

Soviet Salon: Dinner on the Centenary of the Russian Revolution

A salon dinner about art and food in the Russian Revolution of 1917

Napoleon Salon: Dinner in the First Empire

An invitation to dine with Dilettante Army on February 4th in Los Angeles

Dilettante Army Salon: The Society of Dilettanti

The Dilettante Army salon series has a themed dinner for the early Society of Dilettanti in 1730s London.

Dilettante Battles

Francis Dashwood

Dilettante Battles

Earl of Middlesex

The Christmas Bush

Family. America. Freedom.

Britney Spears: American Transcendentalist

light, love, flying, truth, faith

Things a mermaid owns

2 ½ week supply of Barnacle-B-Gone (industrial strength)

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