Summer Fruit: Dilettante Army’s first quarterly issue

Open call for our first themed issue, Summer Fruit

summer fruit dilettante army

Illustration by Ruby Lavin

We’re excited to announce that Dilettante Army is becoming a quarterly publication! Our first themed issue will go up mid-August. We’re looking for creative, scholarly, fruit-based essays that respond to these keywords:

peach juice dripping down your chin, fertility, ripeness, overripe sweetness, tongue-tickling tartness, grilling, fruits de mer, strawberries sprinkled with sugar, nostalgic treats, Edible Arrangements, mango street vendors, Katy Perry’s Bon Appétit, Earthly delights, soil, Hopi peach orchards, succulence, naturalness, growth, roundness, stem and leaf, carving, stone pits, strange fruit, migrant farm labor, Banana Republics, irrigation, drought, California, the plums that were in the icebox, Bacchus, that weird mesh stuff used as packaging for fancy pears, berries and cream, The Cherry Orchard, watermelon rinds, seed-spitting contests, warm tomatoes, fruit baskets, picnics

We’re sending out an open call for submissions, so if you have an idea you’d like to write about, send your freshly picked pitch by June 8th to For more information about what to submit, check out our Submission Guidelines.