Letter from the Editors

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The editors of Dilettante Army are Sara Clugage, Christine Elliott, and Rebecca Ariel Porte.

Notes on Mission Accomplished

A letter from the editors.

Notes on Hedda Hopper

A letter from the editors (but shh, you didn’t hear it from us)

Call for Submissions: Hedda Hopper

Open call for submissions for Summer 2021

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Notes on Conditions on the Ground

A letter from the editors.

Call for Submissions: Conditions on the Ground

Open submissions for Winter 2021

Notes on The World Aloft

A letter from the editors.

Call for Submissions: The World Aloft

Open submissions for Fall 2020

Notes on OK Boomer

A letter from the editors.

Call for Submissions: OK Boomer

Open submissions for Winter 2020

Notes on Creaks & Cricks

A letter from the editors

Call for Submissions: Creaks & Cricks

Open submissions for Fall 2019

Notes on Clubs

A letter from the editors

Sir Joshua Reynolds, "The Dilettanti Society No. 2 Portrait" (1777-79).
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Call for Submissions: Clubs

Please note: Submissions are now closed A club is an organization that exists somewhere between unbridled enthusiasm and institutional authority. A club is a convivial wonderhouse–not quite a group of strangers, not yet a hallowed hall; it provides solidarity without bureaucracy, learning without academia, association without loyalty oaths. There are all kinds of clubs: book, […]

Notes on Republican Speech

A letter from the editors

Bruno Braquehais, Statue of Napoleon I after the Fall of the Vendôme Column, 1870-71, via Wikimedia Commons
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Call for Submissions: Republican Speech

Submissions are now closed.   “Poetry is republican speech: a speech which is its own law and end unto itself, and in which all the parts are free citizens and have the right to vote.” –Friedrich Schlegel, Critical Fragments no. 65 The theme of Dilettante Army’s Spring 2019 issue is Republican Speech. Speech that builds […]

Notes on Plot

A letter from the editors

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