Call for Submissions: OK Boomer


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“OK Boomer” is a savagely effective dismissal. The equivalent of an eye roll, it lets every Millennial express tired disappointment with a generation that is (statistically speaking) out-of-touch on issues like the climate crisis, the economy, and progressive politics.  

Boomers have an outsized voice in gerontocratic American electoral politics. The current Senate body has the oldest median age in history ever; this president, like the previous three presidents, is a Boomer. More than half of the voting-age population of the United States is over 45. Demographic and economic disparities loom large—Millennials are more racially diverse than Boomers, and also far worse off financially, burdened by student debt and decreased government investment in education and housing.

As Boomers spread their disdain for entitled Millennials over newspaper opinion columns like avocado over toast, and Millennials scornfully respond via Instagram, are we talking past each other? What about the “surplus” populations that are left out of this debate entirely, like stateless or incarcerated people? What are the uses and limitations of thinking in generations? How do we invest in the future world? Who will be alive to see it? 

For our Winter 2020 issue, Dilettante Army invites scholarly essay submissions on Boomers and if they’re ok. Possible topics include: avocado toast, memes, respect your elders, tradition, generational wealth, education, entitlement programs, passing the buck, participation trophies, Gen X, climate crisis, snowflakes, Greta Thunberg, youth revolt, Summer of ‘68, communication breakdown, merch, influencers, the kids are alright.

Submission pitches should be emailed to editor Sara Clugage ( by November 26, 2019. For more information on what we publish, please read our submission guidelines.


Image: Simon Vouet, The Ill-matched Couple (Vanitas), c. 1621 (detail), oil on canvas, via Wikimedia Commons