Articles tagged: Well Actually

Whitework Textiles, White Supremacy, and “Whitework” as a Call to Action

Through the critical work of contemporary artist Sonja Dahl, L Vinebaum makes visible the ideologies of race and colonialism encoded in historical white-on-white textiles and white supremacist quilts.

Errors and Omissions Are Inevitable: On style guides and their discontents

Kai Lalley Bradbury close-reads the European Commission’s English Style Guide as an uneasy source of authority on language with an absurdist sense of humor.

Reply Guy Bingo

Emily Knapp gives us three ubiquitous reply guys from the eponymous meme—the Cookie Manster, the Tone Police, and the Gaslighter—laid bare and effectively gamified in printable, ready-to-gift bingo cards.

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