Reply Guy Bingo

As we are ushered mercilessly, unceasingly into the most wonderful time of the year, we must not be lulled into a false sense of complacency. In the coming weeks of feasting and frivolity many of us will meet a common foe in an array of forms: a mansplainer; a self-appointed fact-checker; the disingenuous bro who is “just here to learn.” These are reply guys in the wild.

Whether you encounter him at an office holiday party, wandering around your parents’ retirement community, or in an interminable line at a dystopian Target, dealing with a reply guy IRL can be disorienting, disheartening, and draining.

That’s where Emily Knapp can help.

Below, you’ll find three ubiquitous reply guys from the eponymous meme—the Cookie Manster, the Tone Police, and the Gaslighter—laid bare and effectively gamified in printable, ready-to-gift bingo cards.

Send them to your work bestie before your team’s mandatory holiday funtacular. Share them at the kids’ table during dinner at grandma’s. Or slip them into your cousins’ stockings between mimosas on Christmas morning.

And remember, withering side-eye is a complete sentence.

—Christine Elliott