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Liz Medoff has devoted her life to the critical study of feelings. She terms this work “emotional culture” and you’ll read a lot about it here. Threads that tie Liz’s varied, interdisciplinary works together are commemoration, trauma, sound, architecture, and national culture. Liz has also been a DJ for years and will bend your ear about affected pop music like A Little Respect by Erasure. She’s from Philadelphia, has two degrees in Visual Studies, and currently enjoys life as a working artist in Chicago. Liz is an academic advisor to undergraduate students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago by day, and a practitioner of critical witchery by night.

Befriending Traumatic Ontology

So often trauma survivors are thought of as victims, but perhaps we are superhumans.

On the Traumatic Messaging of Racist Fear

trauma, post-memory, and the origins of racist fear

Whose Healing is It, Anyway?

the impact of #saytheirnames

Anxiety in Real Time

hysterical advertising

The Primal Urge to POST

social currency and trauma

The Internet is Trying to Make You Cry

cloyingly sweet internet detritus

Can Pop Save Us All?

critical body-listening

Emotional Culture and 9/11

emotional culture is everything we do, because we live in the cultural products that reflect, articulate, and respond to us

Critical Feelings: A Primer on Emotional Culture

critical thought and feely feelings are actually natural best friends

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