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Laura Tradii is a social anthropologist interested in the anthropology of death and burial and in the history of science. She is now pursuing a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, focusing on military commemoration in Eastern Germany.

Plots in Gardens

The delightful and esoteric narratives of 16th c. Mannerist water features

Visions of Eden: The State of Nature as Idyll

The language of environmental harmony is often used in Indigenous rights advocacy, but does it perpetuate the myth of the “noble savage”?

The Grotesque: Mischief and Wonder in Renaissance Art

the misshapen, the disproportionate, the fantastic and the delirious

Denial of Death?

A history of the moral discourse on “the good death.”

Death, Technology, and the “Return to Nature”

The influence of Romantic philosophy in the funeral industry

Spiritual Principles and Laboratory Work: The Wondrous History of Alchemy

Chemical philosophers, Galenists, and mechanists war over the meaning of scientific inquiry in early modern Europe.

Cabinets of Curiosities

Wonder in Four Objects

The Mechanical Age: Automata between social critique and the uncanny

The uneasy space between human and machine in late 18th century Europe

Windows on Other Cultures?

Western museums and native voices

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