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Notes on <i>Mission Accomplished</i>

Notes on Mission Accomplished

A letter from the editors.

"Mission Accomplished": Fictive Victories at the End of History

Suzanne Schneider on George W. Bush's proclamation of victory, sacrifice and progress in the philosophy of history, and dread and waste at history's end.

Minor Victories: Labor Exploitation and the

Minor Victories: Labor Exploitation and the "Affirmation Trap"

Sarah Jaffe on Donald Trump's Rust Belt "Mission Accomplished" moment and the need for a struggle where “we need not affirm our own exploitation to justify our existence.”

United Stunts of America

United Stunts of America

Paul Swartz and Lena H. Chandhok's quiz “United Stunts of America” explores America’s varied history of political stunts—from the shocking to the downright strange.

The Overconfidence Man

The Overconfidence Man

Emily Ogden discovers a new kind of guy, one of the crucial archetypes of our age of grift and graft—he is the hero of his own life. Exceptional! Unimpeachable!

Two Poems

Two Poems

Anjuli Raza Kolb's two poems, “9/11 poem" and "Qur’anic Asterisk," about the difficult materiality of memory and the delicacy, humor, and eros that somehow survive, even in damaged life.

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