The Robber Bridegroom

The maiden came to a solitary house, which looked so gloomy and desolate that she felt quite miserable. She went in, but no one was there, and the most profound quiet reigned throughout. At last she went into the cellar, and there sat a withered old woman, shaking her head. 

“Ah, poor girl,” said the old woman, “You are in a murderers’ den. If I do not have compassion and save you, you are lost…at night, when the robbers are asleep, we will escape; I have long sought an opportunity.”

~The Robber Bridegroom, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm~


In the hour before she left, the old woman set about putting her house in order.


“Dear House

Thank you for the shelter from the wind, and rain, and snow

Thank you for the memories, which now just we two know


The years before this vicious crew were quite contently spent

It’s there that I’ll remember you, in easy merriment


I leave to you my earthly things—the little to my name

I’ve swept the floors and stocked the wood and fed a healthy flame


You could, no doubt, for years to come keep standing in this way

And so I say good luck to you, should you decide to stay


But as you are a decent house—your loyalty profound

Please do your duty as my home

Burn these bastards to the ground.“