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Ashima Yadava (Instagram: @indigonyx) is an India-born conceptual documentary photographer and printmaker. With the camera as her conduit, Ashima believes in art as a means to social activism and reform. Her work is rooted in long-form stories focusing on issues of gender equality, race, and social justice. She is the founder of Huq : I Seek No Favor. Huq brings together over 100 artists and thinkers to respond to the abortion ban.

Ashima’s statement on this photograph:

I made this image a couple of years ago, not knowing it would acquire a completely different meaning eventually. Seeing it in the context of the Palestinian struggle, the watermelon bears the national colors of the Palestinian flag which was banned in Gaza and the West Bank in 1967. It has since become a symbol of resistance and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Ashima shares this additional resource list from Authority Collective + Women Photograph. 

July 4th 2019, Turin, Italy.

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