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lydia see is a multidisciplinary practitioner, educator, and curator of art + archives who is passionate about the uses of art for social justice + civic engagement. Born in a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts and now residing in rural western North Carolina, lydia is northern by birth and Appalachian by choice. Currently pursuing an MFA at Western Carolina University, lydia is an awardee of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation All for NC Fellowship, and Director of an emerging creative residency: Engaging Collections. She is a practicing studio artist, educator of students from early childhood through end of life, and has a particular interest in facilitating new pathways for participation in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, and special collections. lydia’s practice examines factors which mediate identity - individually and within community. This inquiry is rooted in history: local and global, intimate and environmental, personal and anonymous, colonized and indigenous. Using the intersections of photography with fiber/object/craft/performance, her process involves material and conceptual investigation through collection, research, arrangement, stitching, weaving, photographing, re-photographing, and combining.

On Living in a Flood Plain and an Internet Desert

Lydia See’s photo essay on flood warnings and dropped signals in the cricks and hollers of Appalachia, a place where communities use spotty internet to work toward liberation.

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