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Jina B. Kim is a scholar, writer, and educator of critical disability studies and feminist/ queer-of-color critique. She is an assistant professor of English and the Study of Women and Gender at Smith College. Currently, she is at work on a manuscript titled Dreaming of Infrastructure: Crip-of-Color Writing after the U.S. Welfare State, which examines how disability justice politics and literary expression provide imaginative blueprints for navigating contemporary crises of care. Her work has appeared in Signs, Social Text, American Quarterly, MELUS, Disability Studies Quarterly, South Atlantic Quarterly, and The Asian American Literary Review. She can be found on Instagram at @emancipation_of_jiji

Against the Wife: Abolishing Romance and Family, Practicing Disability Love-Politics

Jina B. Kim asks: Why does disability crop up as the antithesis of romance, desire, and long-term fulfillment—as something to perhaps be endured in the name of love, but never anything that might re-shape how we approach love and romance in the first place?

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