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Deborah Edel is one of the founders of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. She has been working with the Archives steadily since its inception in 1974. Trained as a social worker and psychologist, Deborah spent her working life focused on the intersectionality of education and mental health as an educational therapist, a counselor and a school administrator. Retired in 2012, Deborah and her partner, Teddy, love to travel. Even when on the road she finds time to connect with the needs of the Archives (especially her commitment to keeping the financial books and paying bills) and her commitment to the Board of Trustees of the Mary McDowell Friends School, where she worked for many years prior to retirement. Her life is busy and filled with adventure, social activism and time for reading mystery stories.

Queer Archives Interview: BGSQD and Lesbian Herstory Archives

In conversation, Greg Newton and Deborah Edel discuss the archives and spaces that facilitate queer knowledge-making.

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